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The goal of the Sri Bhagavad Sanathana Dharma Veda (Knowledge of the Holy, Eternal Truth) or simply ‘Dharma Veda’ (for short), is to bring together the best knowledge of all religions together into one reference book. Unlike Christianity or Islam, we do not believe this book to be infallible or the literal word of God. This book is a combination of scripture and secular literature. It contains sacred portions that have been passed down for well over 5,000 years unchanged, and also portions that represent secular knowledge of today. These secular portions can and should be updated on a regular schedule.

In a sense, this book is akin to a constitution for a nation, it is a document that society is built upon, it is in part inspired by God, and in part written completely for the day-to-day functioning of society. Like a constitution, it can and should be regularly updated, but there must be a process in place for this amending/editing to prevent anyone from adding spurious or insulting information into the Dharma Veda.

The first draft of the Holy Dharma Veda is being organized now, if you feel you have something to contribute to this cause, please feel free to e-mail us at: newdharma2100@yahoo.com

Thank you!

- The Dharmic Scriptures Team

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