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This section contains a list of Sanskrit books which are of a secular nature and therefore not considered scriptures.

They cover topics varying from history to historical mythologies to law to personal relationships.

1) The Puranas (Approx. 64 Total: 18 Maha-Puranas; 18 primary Upa-Puranas; 18 secondary Upa-Puranas)

Click on the icon to download (1.1 MB):   The 18 Major Puranas

[ see: http: www.indiadivine.com/purana-list.htm for more information ]

2) Sanskrit Proverbs (From the Niti-Dvishashtika (~ 500 C.E.))

Click on the icon to download (30 KB):   Sanskrit Proverbs

3) Jataka Tales (~500)

4) Pancha-Tantra Tales (100+)

5) Itihaas

6) Manu Smriti

7) Kama Sutra

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